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1250 KVA 11 / .433 KV HT TRANSFORMER ( Indoor Type )



Standard Fittings
Rating and diagram plate.
Earthling terminals - 2 Nos.
Lifting lugs
Oil level indicator (Plain)
Drain-cum bottom filter valve with plug.
Oil filling hole with plug on conservator.
Oil conservator with drain plug.
Air release plug.
Silicagel air breather.
Bi-directional flat
HV terminals-outdoor bushings.
LV terminals-outdoor bushings.
Filter valve with plug.
Thermometer pocket.
Oil temperature indicator.
Externally operated off circuit tap changing switch.
Explosion vent.
Sampling valve (for 2000 KVA and above transformers only)
Accessories on Request
LV and HV cable boxes.
Winding temperature indicator.
Buchholz relay.
Magnetic oil level gauge.
Marshalling box.
Disconnecting chamber.
Oil temperature indicator with electrical contacts.
Pressure relief valve.



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Note : Approximate General Trend of Voltage during 24 hours / Day







09.00 AM-12.00 Noon

12.00 Noon-14.00 PM Lunch Hours

14.00 PM - 18.00 PM

18.00 PM -22.00 PM Peak Hours Restriction

22.00PM - 05.00 AM

05.00AM - 09.00 AM

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